Executive Management Team

Mattias Roos
Mattias Roos

President & CEO. Management role since 2012.

Born: 1973.
Education: M.Eng. Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, B.Eng. University of Gävle.
Experience: Management roles within NCC Group, Project leader at Besqab respektive JM.
Other assignments: Board and management roles in SSM subsidiaries. Board member of housing cooperative associations Aprikosen, Malmkronan, Gröndalsterrassen, Aspkronan and Flygplansfabriken. Alternate board member Beatelund Fastighets AB.
Shares in SSM: 903,000 shares.

Susanne Blomberg
Susanne Blomberg

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. Management role since 2015.

Born: 1974.
Education: Masters in Finance, Linköping University.
Experience: Previous Marketing Manager, Director and Brand & Communications Manager at LG Electronics Nordic AB. Has also worked at Kraft Foods (now Mondelez) and Arla Foods.
Other assignments
: –
Shares in SSM: 30,000 shares.

Johan Ellertson
Johan Ellertson

Head of Project Department. Management role since 2013.

Born: 1964.
Education: Tech College Graduate. Experience: Previously CEO of IQuity AB and Vice President RCC Stockholm AB. Project manager and project leader at NCC Boende AB, JM AB and Skanska AB.
Other assignments: Alternate board member of housing cooperative association Heimdal 6 in Stockholm.
Shares in SSM: 31,000 shares.

Ann-Charlotte Johansson
Ann-Charlotte Johansson

Chief Communications & IR Officer. Management role since 2016.

Born: 1968.
Education: International MBS, Uppsala University, Legal studies, Stockholm University.
Experience: VP Communications and Investor Relations at Scandic Hotels Group. Senior Advisor at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and Intellecta Corporate. Communications & Fundraising Manager at Swedish Red Cross, Communications Manager at GE Money Bank, IR Manager TradeDoubler, Regional Manager Framfab, consultant with Accenture and communications role at Nasdaq Stockholm.
Other assignments: –
Shares in SSM: 25,000 shares.

Ola Persson
Ola Persson

Chief Financial Officer. Management role since 2013.

Born: 1969.
Education: Bach. Business, Uppsala University, Master of International Business, University of South Carolina, diploma in financial analysis, Stockholm School of Economics.
Experience: Founder, CEO and CFO at PWPantbank and CEO and board member at Mondial Asset Management Group and Investment Manager, Alliance Capital Partners.
Other assignments: Board and management assignments for SSM subsidiaries. Board member and CEO ola P financial consulting AB.
Shares in SSM: 36,000 shares.

Casper Tamm
Casper Tamm

Financial Director. Management role since 2016.

Born: 1961.
Education: MBS, Lund University.
Experience: CFO at Swedol AB. Board member at Nima-Maskinteknik AB, Swedol Förvaltning AB and Fastighetsaktiebolaget Pistolvägen 4.
Other assignments: Chairman of HACEI AB.
Shares in SSM: 28,000 shares.

Holdings as of June 30, 2017.