Financial reports

Retroactive recalculation of financial reports

In the last quarter of 2015, the company reviewed its principles for the classification of investment properties against the criteria and guidelines of IAS 40. As a result of the review, all investment properties were reclassified as project properties that are to be reported in accordance with IAS 2, with the effect that any previous fair value adjustments were reversed and the costs spent on the properties were capitalized instead. The recalculation was carried out retroactively and has been included in a recalculation note on page 16 of the 2015 year-end report.

  Report Alternative performance measurements Presentation
February 22. 2018 Year-End Report 2017
November 15, 2017 Interim Report Q3 2017
August 17, 2017 Interim Report Q2 2017
May 18, 2017 Interim Report Q1 2017
March 14, 2017 Annual Report 2016 - In Swedish
February 20, 2017 Year-End Report 2016
November 25, 2016 Interim Report Q3 2016
August 26, 2016 Interim Report Q2 2016